In 2000 one of the leading beauticians in the country – Didi Stoilova based STUDIODIDI. Today he has a team of professionals whose goal is to cater for your relaxation. We work with some of the best-known professional brands, because quality is an advantage! Thanks to the numerous training and specialization in France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Dubai and we monitor new developments for our clients.
In 2004. Stoilova Diddy makes a new step in their careers, creating a vocational school in cosmetics DEMETRA27. Cadres come from him in the field of cosmetics, hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, makeup, spa and wellness. That implements Professional and outside the country.

In 2007. Didi Stoilova create the first ever School of Cosmetics beauticians working to inform its members for the latest developments in cosmetic and skin care. Guest speakers were executives with successful experience in working on the Bulgarian and European market.

Years of experience with different brands and knowledge of using the active ingredients in cosmetics allow Stoilova Diddy in 2008. to create a unique product brand StudioDidi form of candy. She described their product – Wellness Menu. A delicious cocktail food ingredient while Clarify skin tone and makes it silky soft. Thanks to the delightful aroma / chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, cocoa, tangerine, lemon, etc.. / Feeling remains for a long time. The active substances are selected precisely so that makes the product unique.
The last specialization in Dubai on Didi Stoilova and technology from the island of Bali, provoking introduction of products in a unique treatment for face and body “Body Orient. The temperatures of the dry oil body melt, allowing the aesthetic rub them with the specific technique. Traces of stress, fatigue and tension in the client disappears and the result e of a person only after 45 minutes.

In 2009 Stoilova Diddy created the first ever On-line store where customers can not only buy quality Italian, Greek and Bulgarian cosmetics, but also receive a free individual consultation on the type, condition and needs of your skin. Offered vouchers to allow surprising a favorite man with a unusual gift. This site is full of articles, interviews and news in the world of beauty.

The last project that creates Didi Stoilova target date is October 2011 – April 2012. On 4 floors of 790kv.m in the city center is built SPA CENTUR DEMETRA RELAX. Its customers will enjoy a variety of proposed procedures and programs: Turkish baths Finnish and infrared sauna, Jacuzzi, steam baths with relaxation zone, pearl bath, spa capsule, tangentor, solarium, Vichy shower, Vibro Sauna, room aerobic, Latin Dances, yoga, hair salon, 8 office will offer cosmetic cosmetic therapy trademark Studiodidi. Room for two with a mini Jacuzzi, individual study in which 4-5 friends can relax while they make in parallel spa temptations. Have secured parking and playground. Expect another surprise …………………

СПА моминско парти „Лавандула“



The Spa Demetra offers a full range of massage. From soothing face massages and revitalising leg massage to reviving neck, shoulder & back massage. Or why not treat yourself to a relaxing full body massage that will leave you feeling fabulous all over.

Aromatherapy Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage
This fusion of eastern and western massage helps to restore your body’s natural equilibrium incorporating pressure point techniques and specially blended oils from the Aromatherapy Associates range.
30 minutes 30 euro

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage
This fusion of eastern and western massage helps to restore your body’s natural equilibrium incorporating pressure point techniques and specially blended oils from the Aromatherapy Associates range. The depth of the aromatherapy massage movements can be adapted to suit your needs. ‘Mum-To-Be’ aromatherapy massage oils are available.
60 minutes 70 euro

Reflexology Massage
A foot treatment incorporating pressure points that mirror the body’s key systems.This is an ancient healing art bringing soothing relief in modern times.
20 minutes 25 euro

Massage Full Body 
This popular body massage is tailored to your individual needs, helping to reenergise and relax.
50 minutes 45 euro

Soothing La Sultane Head, Neck and Facial Massage
A soothing treatment including a facial cleanse and massage to the head, neck and face.
30 minutes 50 euro

Aromatherapy Massage
Our original foundation massage starts with a consultation, custom blending of essential oils and a brief guided meditation. This massage relieves minor aches and reduces stress allowing muscles, bones, skin and joints to return to a place of comfort.
50 minutes 50 euro



The health and skin benefits of magnesium are many and varied. For centuries, magnesium oils, salts, and waters have helped to restore the skin’s natural beauty and help heal muscle injuries via immersion, consumption and, especially, massage. Here are five reasons to add transdermal magnesium to your massage.


Magnesium can help alleviate a variety of topical skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, and eczema. Inflammatory skin conditions can often be indicative of a magnesium deficiency or be exacerbated by low magnesium levels. The body frequently responds to low magnesium by producing histamine, which can either cause or exaggerate inflammatory skin conditions. Applying magnesium transdermally via massage can often provide immediate relief to these conditions, and with long-term use, can help to correct them.


In addition to muscle relaxation, application of transdermal magnesium can help to trigger the natural brain chemistry that leads to the winding-down period that most people experience before sleep. For insomnia and anxiety sufferers especially, adding transdermal magnesium to their massage can help result in better and more restful sleep – especially with consistent and long-term usage.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for helping the body to heal from muscle injury or muscular conditions. Most people experience magnesium deficiency due to stress, which can prolong and intensify muscular injury and conditions. The use of transdermal magnesium provides an excellent partner to massage to alleviate the pain of muscle injury, spasm, and cramps. In addition, it can help provide relief for inflammatory conditions that cause muscular pain, such as fibromyalgia or sciatica.


Magnesium performs a wide variety of functions in the body, including helping to maintain appropriate brain chemical and hormonal levels. In addition to the positive impact that massage has on overall mood and feelings of wellbeing, magnesium is an incredible booster to add to the mood-improving benefits of massage. Magnesium can also boost energy levels, so adding magnesium to a pre-event sports massage can also prove a tremendous boon to activity level and performance.


Transdermal magnesium application can have a tremendous impact on overall muscular performance, making it an especial asset to athletes and active adults. Magnesium has been shown to impact gripping strength, joint rotation and extension, jumping height, and torso flexion. It has also been shown to improve range of motion, flexibility, and strength in older adults – particularly those suffering from inflammatory disorders such as arthritis.



Top benefits of magnesium oil massage:

  • fights migraines, headaches and even toothaches
  • lowers blood pressure
  • relieves muscle cramps
  • reduces water retention
  • It is a remedy against burnout
  • helps metabolic reactions, including weight loss
  • moisturizes and softens the skin
  • improves body flexibility
  • fights premenstrual syndrome
  • supports the recovery of the body after birth
  • fights the side effects that occur with menopause
  • fights osteoporosis

Magnesium is an important nutrient. It has multiple functions within the body. These include:

  • regulating nerve and muscle function
  • supporting healthy pregnancy and lactation
  • maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
  • maintaining optimum blood pressure levels
  • manufacturing and supporting protein, bone, and DNA health

Important atributes of magnesium include:

  • Maintaining heart health
  • Balancing hormones for both women and men
  • Stabilization of insulin and blood sugar
  • Improving mental states
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Preventing or combating muscle and joint pain

Body Therapies

Body Therapies

Body skin is all too often overlooked when it  comes to the daily beauty regime. Some of us simply don’t have  time for all that scrubbing, exfoliating, cleansing and moisturising.

Body Exfoliation Allow 15min 28 euro

If your skin is in need of a little restoration and cleansing, then our body exfoliation and body polish treatments are exactly what you need.

Exfoliating Salt Scrub Allow 30min 30 euro

Based on the traditional Salt Scrub treatment found at the Dead Sea in Jordan. This treatment is a full body exfoliation using pure salt and hydrating oil, which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.

Body Wraps & Dry Floatation Allow 30min 35 euro

Our body wraps and floats can work wonders for problem skin or just give you an extra boost when you need to recharge your batteries.

Calming Dry Floatation  Allow 30min 50 euro

A superbly comfortable and relaxing treatment as you lie peacefully dry floating in warm water. The fragrant aromatherapy oils and relaxing music completes this soothing experience.

Detoxifying Mud Wrap Allow 45min 80 euro

This treatment includes a full body exfoliation followed by a generous layer of mud to cleanse, detoxify and revitalise the skin. A nourishing butter is then applied to the entire body, leaving it silky smooth and moisturised.

Rose Ritual Allow 50min 145 euro

Release tension with the fragrant power of rose as first you receive a full body rose mineral salt exfoliation before you are enveloped in warm relaxing wrap of rich Moroccan lava clay renowned for drawing out impurities which is mixed with a honey rose and ginger mask with melted shea butter. Whilst you are cocooned in this wrap a facial massage is performed with a veiling of rose moisturising milk to maximise the feelings of purified, cleansed, conditioned and softly scented skin.

Revitalising Wrap Allow 60min 80 euro

A full body exfoliating massage, followed by a fruit enzyme body mask to leave the body literally bursting with vitality. You are cocooned in a comforting wrap whilst the enzymes work to break down dead skin cells to leave silky soft skin. A head, neck and shoulder massage completes the treatment. Previously the Revitalising Mestizo Wrap.

Serenity Dreamtime Float Allow 60min 70 euro

Escape the stress of a busy life through a variety of tension relieving methods including breathing, relaxation techniques,tension soothing scalp, shoulder and face massage, calming skin nourishing wrap and dry flotation to create a deep state of rest believed to be the equivalent of 3 hours mind and body sleep. Emerge feeling calm and tranquil from one of the most relaxing body wraps you’ll ever try.


Facial Therapies

Facial Therapies

Discover a range of indulgent facials that work to revitalise, replenish and hydrate, leaving you with healthy, glowing skin. Our skin firming treatments are fantastic face care delights, tightening, toning and refreshing tired skin and taking years off you.

Each facial treatment begins with a 10 minute skincare consultation which allows you and your therapist to discuss your current skincare and face care regime, and for your therapist to analyse your skin before beginning the treatment ahead. To continue the benefits of your facial treatments at home, The Spa Demetra recommends The Demetra Spa’s Skin Care Products range to compliment the results of your treatment.

For more intensive facials, visit our Skin Spa. Located within The Sanctuary but accessed separately so you can just walk in. Skin Spa offers a range of treatments at the forefront of progressive techniques and technologies to deliver proven results.

Collagen Eye Treatment
Targeting the delicate contours of the eyes, this treatment focuses on re-hydrating, diminishing fine lines, puffiness and dark circles to lessen the signs of ageing. This treatment includes a cold stone drainage massage around the eye area. The face and décolleté are included.  After the treatment, please avoid all heat and water facilities for at least one hour and drink plenty of water.
25 minute 55 euro

Oxygen and Collagen Facial
An effective facial, ideal for those suffering from tired, lacklustre skin or concerned about the effects of ageing. The treatment works deep within the skin’s layers to restore elasticity, boosting the skin’s own natural ability to stimulate collagen through active ingredients which help to visibly plump out fine lines and wrinkles whilst the pure oxygen blast enhances skin restoration.
•    Includes inhalation of Oxygen and the use of professional-only Collagen mask.
•    After the treatment, please avoid all heat and water facilities for at least one hour and drink plenty of water.
85 minute 130 euro

Skin rejuvenation
ng a little tired, blotchy and dull? Do you suffer from acne or acne scarring? Is your face showing signs of sun damage? Are you worried about the fine lines forming around your eyes and mouth? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you may want to try one of our skin rejuvenation treatments. We offer a large range of skin repair and rejuvenation treatments that can improve texture and reduce redness, pigmentation, discolouration and acne. Many involve the use of technologically advanced light therapy machines and lasers and all are operated by highly qualified professionals in a safe, sterile and private clinic room.
60 minute 120 euro

Aromatherapy Facials
Aromatherapy Facial     Your face is beautifully unique! A specially chosen combination of essential oils, cleansers, gels and creams is applied to your face, giving it a radiant and glorious glow. It is followed by a special facial massage. Your neck and shoulders will be massaged as well. This treatment eases facial tension and leaves you with an increased sense of health and vibrancy.
45 minutes 45 euro

Chocolate Facial
This luxurious skin conditioning treatment features the ultra-hydrating properties of pure cocoa powder mixed with yogurt, oatmeal and honey with the exfoliating qualities of natural sugars.Your spirit is soothed and your skin is smooth and smelling yummy. The paste is removed with warm, moist towels and is followed by a facial massage.
45 minutes 45 euro

Sea Flora Facial
This facial treatment, combining the benefits of Fresh Wild Seaweeds, pure essential oils, glacial clay and powerful anti-oxidants, improves skin tone and texture, reduces toxins and calms redness due to rosacea or acne. It replenishes the skin with essential vitamins, minerals, nutrients and moisture. It, also, brightens the skin and activates development of new youthful skin cells.
The protocol of the Sea Flora Facial includes cleansing, exfoliating, applying masque, massage, and moisturizing, using the Sea Flora Wild Organic Seeweed Skin Care Product. Hot aromatic towels are used for wrapping your face and shoulders before and after of each product application. Experience the richest seaweed skin care in the world…
50 minutes 120 euro

Couples massage package

Couples massage package:

With a friend or companion, enjoy the privacy of our Spa room and experience a loving and thorough spa treatments, side by side. Start with refreshing shower, and relax and unwind your body and senses together in sauna before the treatments.

They say everything’s better in twos (or maybe I’ve just heard that my entire life because I’m a twin!), but when it comes to a couples massage, there’s no doubt—this massage for two offers double the benefits and double the relaxation.

Couples Massage Package – 60 minute 155 euro
Enjoy a blissful massage with someone special, side by side.  Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, or Aromatherapy Massage.  Experience the power of serenity!

Romancing the Stone Package
Warm Stone Massage & Reflexology – 85 minute 255 euro
The weight and radiant warmth of the stones, combined with calming essential oils, penetrates muscle tissue and induces deeper relaxation. Adding pressure point work on hands and feet promoting energy flow will complete your journey. Allow your mind to drift and your spirit to soar.

Couple Scrub & Massage Package – 85 minute 250 euro
Our signature package! Start with a relaxing shower and sauna and experience a stimulating authentic Japanese style body scrub that exfoliates your entire body. Feel the warm water running down your body as we exfoliate head to toe, followed by a soothing massage that increases circulation. Treatment includes fresh cucumber face mask and hair shampoo and conditioning. You will fall in love all over again!

Anti cellulite therapy

Anti-cellulite massage involves stimulation of bioenergetic areas, combined with lymphatic drainage massage techniques to stimulate the lymph-and blood circulation. Thus helps burn fat and passing the lymph detainee. During the massage are used special oils that break down fat and improve microcirculation. 
Anti cellulite therapy

•    Body contour:
o    regular ant-cellulite treatment
o    reduces cellulite, adiposes fatty tissue, detoxifies, re-mineralises and tones
•    Body slim:
o    anti-cellulite and anti-water retention
o    reduces stubborn cellulite
o    stimulates blood circulation
o    detoxifies, re-mineralises and tones
•    Tummy and waist:
o    adiposes fatty tissue around tummy and waist
o    breaks down fatty tissue and prevents bloatedness
•    Breast firming:
o    stimulates collagen and elastine production
o    firms and tones skin around the breasts
o    moisturises and smoothes wrinkles
o    highly recommended as a post-pregnancy treatment
•    Heavy and swallen legs:
o    reduces swelling
o    revives tired legs in just one treatment
•    Body scrub:
o    aids circulation
o    removes dead skin cells
o    firms and tones the skin
•    Chocolate treatment:
o    smoothes the skin
o    leaves a luminous glow
o    detoxifies the pores of the skin
o    moisturising lipids and fats plump out wrinkles
•    Anti-stress back treatment:
o    invigorating treatment done using seaweed and essential oils
•    Waxing:
o    for natural smooth skin (face, hands, legs, bikini line)
o    hair become thinner and weaker
o    slows down hair growth
o    prevents ingrowing hair
•    Manicure and pedicure

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